Is a Portable Washing Machine Worth Your Money?

Just about everything comes in a portable size nowadays, and believe it or not, that includes washing machines. They’re marketed mainly towards residents of small apartments and tiny houses, advertised as “a perfect companion for people who are limited in space” (from So is a portable washing machine really worth your money if you’re short on space and full on dirty laundry?

Let’s look at the pros and cons of a portable washing machine.

1. Noise Factor

Though some higher-end models are designed to run quieter, washing machines are generally a fairly noisy appliance. Mine is so loud that I usually don’t start a wash cycle until I’m about to leave the house anyhow.

That’s one of the selling points of a portable washing machine: they run a lot quieter than standard-sized machines, and they come with a noise-proof plate that sits beneath the machine to further dampen the sound.

If you’re trying to minimize noise, that’s a point in favor of portable washing machines.

2. Durability/Longevity

One of the advantages standard washing machines have over their portable counterparts is durability. With proper maintenance, washing machines can last literally for decades; the ones in the basement of my first apartment building were older than me by a long shot.

Is there such thing as a long-lasting portable washing machine? Yes – but not all are designed to last, you have to handle them with a bit more care than you would a regular one. Brand quality is a big factor here. Be sure to read the reviews of whatever model you’re thinking of buying to ensure you’re investing in a long lasting portable washing machine.

3. Portability

Obviously, a standard washing machine is the opposite of portable. In fact, it’s basically designed to sit in one place unmoved for 10-30 years. When it comes time to replace it, lots of people would rather disassemble their old unit in place and scrap the parts than actually lug the whole thing out of the house.

Portable washing machines aren’t really meant to be moved from location to location on a daily basis – they still weigh about 80lbs. But since they’re equipped with castors, a portable washing machine can easily be pushed around the room and stored when not in use.

The other advantage of a portable washing machine is the fact that it doesn’t require dedicated plumbing – any standard ¾ faucet can serve as a water hook-up while it’s in use. That means you can set it up in the kitchen, washroom, or outside an RV.

So, Is a Portable Washing Machine Worth It

Portable washing machines are a worthwhile investment if:

  • You don’t have a dedicated laundry room or access to plumbing.
  • You plan to move out of your place in the next few years.
  • You need a way to do laundry on a road trip or camping trip, and don’t have access to a laundromat.
  • You need a quiet washing machine, but can’t afford a high-end standard-size unit.

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Small enterprises can likewise take advantage of these sorts of services. Sure, a small business has less employees and, even more than likely, less to do than a large business, nevertheless, the truth is that less employees make running a small business really time extensive. Small and large businesses can both advantage from these facilities.

Continuing In This Direction..

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In the same vein.

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Our New Home – For Those Of You Who Missed It

Grandpa Remy here again with another post!

As most of you know, grandma and I just purchased a new home to retire in.  Many of you made it to our house warming this past weekend, and we truly appreciate all the wonderful gifts and decorations you’ve all brought!  They will all be put to good use.  We wanted to make sure our home would be extremely accessible as we get older, so before even looking at purchasing a home, we first looked at house plans for a bungalow style home.  Obviously as we’re growing older (which we will never admit to your face), we wanted a bungalow style home so there would be no stairs.  However, we’ve included a basement so that our grandchildren would have somewhere to play.  There’s a den, theater, and playroom with table tennis, pool, and air hockey tables so feel free to stop by anytime to play and just hang out with us!


Anyway, more about our house.  We found a company that did custom designed homes in Ontario so our lives would be easier.  We didn’t have to do anything!  We just picked out the house plan we wanted and they put the pieces together on our property.  With a blink of an eye, viola, it was finished!  We’re so in love with our new home.  Come stop by anytime if you’d like to see it.  Just give us a call ahead to make sure we’re home.

For those of you who came to our house warming – what did you think?  We went with granite countertops as well as hard wood floors because if this was going to be the house we retire in, we want it to be perfect.  There’s 2 bedrooms on the main floor and 2 downstairs so plenty of room for guests to stay.  We also have 5 washrooms (3 on main floor and 2 downstairs).  When we decided to buy a new house, we also kept in mind how many people would be coming over for the annual Christmas party.  This is why we didn’t go with a smaller home that’s easier to maintain.  All for you kids!

So for this year’s Christmas party, we are super excited to host!  There will be bedrooms available for those of you staying in town and overnight.  The basement will also be finished so the kids can play downstairs.  Our dining room seats 10 people which I know definitely won’t fit all of us, but we also have plenty of room in our great room, kitchen, and family room.  There will be enough room for all!  Can’t wait to see all of you visiting here and please stop by anytime!


Grandpa Remy

P.s. yes, we are installing a pool.  It should be done by the end of June – will send out another email/write another blog regarding coming over to swim.

Gandl Christmas Holiday Information

Hello Gandl Family!


It’s grandpa Remy here.  You might be wondering why I’ve directed you to this website.  Well, it’s because due to our huge family size, it’s just easier to post events and information on here instead of spamming you all with emails every month!  As most of you already know, your grandma and I have just moved into a fabulous new home.  We would like to invite you all to a housewarming event.  Details about that will be emailed out (don’t want no strangers), and we’re super excited to debut our new home to all of you!

Aside from that, I thought since our family Christmas tradition is so big and special, we could use this website to post about different activities, ideas, and news for the family!

That’s it for now!  For my next post, I’ll be blogging about our new home (in case you can’t make it to our house warming).  Again, super excited to see you all!