Gandl Christmas Holiday Information

Hello Gandl Family!


It’s grandpa Remy here.  You might be wondering why I’ve directed you to this website.  Well, it’s because due to our huge family size, it’s just easier to post events and information on here instead of spamming you all with emails every month!  As most of you already know, your grandma and I have just moved into a fabulous new home.  We would like to invite you all to a housewarming event.  Details about that will be emailed out (don’t want no strangers), and we’re super excited to debut our new home to all of you!

Aside from that, I thought since our family Christmas tradition is so big and special, we could use this website to post about different activities, ideas, and news for the family!

That’s it for now!  For my next post, I’ll be blogging about our new home (in case you can’t make it to our house warming).  Again, super excited to see you all!

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